Dodici cicli is a small brand born from passion to feed passion, we needed something that was not available and so we created it.

We needed transportation , we needed transportation designed for us and designed for our cities, we needed simple bicycles, with no need for maintenance , no noise in the graphic, plain colors, everything that is possible to clean out the bicycle we cleaned, we took away the gears, milano is a flatland, we took away the brakes, who need brakes when you can have fixed gears?

Yes, it takes some time and some suffering to start with it but we never seen anything beautiful that was too easy or came without any effort.

Back in 1910 people where riding bicycles like these.

We like things that are simple and things that least, so we started with steel and evolved with super modern ultimate stainless steel for cycling , we have a line of very minimal aluminum frames too, and we didn't wanted fear anybody so there is a very funny two-wheeler with brakes but no gears .

We import anything we need for our kind of velocipedes, and we source anything we can from our home land , Italy.