2014-06-14 14:54:21

Da marchio underground a brand ultra conosciuto e punto di riferimento per moltissimi rider, sia nazionali che internazionali. Raccontaci in breve la vostra storia.

Ahahah, che bello, davvero?! In realtà è stato tutto molto veloce, non ce ne siamo nemmeno accorti; da piccolo le vetrine di cicli Liotto calamitavano la mia attenzione, ho sempre visto Campagnolo come qualcosa di mitico e quando nel 2006 mi si è presentata l’occasione di poter fare qualcosa di mio e produrre delle cose che mi potessero portare in giro l’ho colta al volo. Ho fatto tesoro delle cose che avevo imparato lavorando nel campo dell’abbigliamento e dalla mia passione per le Vespe e i rottami in genere; ho incominciato ad assemblare bici, poi ho iniziato a produrre telai e cerchi. Siamo un marchio basato su internet, da subito abbiamo incominciato a vendere lontano dall’Ital..


2014-05-14 11:47:37

-Per chi non ti conoscesse presentati Jave!

sono Jave, Jacopo Volpe, il mio soprannome deriva dal writing attività iniziata 22 e passa anni fà e mai smessa..

Sono il fondatore di DODICI CICLI, l’ unico marchio di biciclette a scatto fisso in Italia fatto da gente che va con lo scatto fisso !

-Parlami delle caratteristiche di una fissa rispetto a una bicicletta normale.

Ci sono un sacco di cose che caratterizzano una bici a scatto fisso e la differenziano da una bici

”normale” ma la cosa principale è che la bici a scatto fisso ti permette di entrare completamente in simbiosi con il tuo mezzo, tu sei la bicicletta,..

Sprinting with Dodici by Tucano

2014-05-09 18:23:19

As spring time unfolds, many Milanese start whizzing about on their bikes to escape the city traffic. From managers in a suit and tie, to students with backpack and sneakers, and fashion addicts in stillettos… And of course, those who sprint towards the finish line, determined to get there first… Bikes are really and truly for everyone!

Following Tubì the collection of bags for digital cyclists we decided to pursue our two-wheeled interest by meeting the DODICI Cycling Team.

And as we root for them from the roadside, we also share anoth..


2014-05-05 15:34:23

Sometimes people ask us why it takes some time to receive a frame after the order has been sent... OK, now i am going to tell you how Dodici works.

We have 5 models actually in production:

Veloce, Leggero (the steel frames), Gara, Special , Special SL (the alu frames).

All these frames are hand made in Italy, with italian tubes either Columbus or Dedacciai and for the alu frames we use carbon and alu/carbon forks made in Taiwan.

We make our frames in 8 sizes, 47,49,51,53,55,57,59,61 and we can also produce special sizes for anyones need even for your little kid who needs the 24" wheels or for that giant basketball player who needs a 64cm center to center seat tube.

Obviously, to be sure we always have what you need in the shortest time, we pre produce all these frames ( 5 models x 8 sizes = 40 frames ) in advance, usually we have more pieces of the average sizes and just single pieces of the more extreme size..


2014-05-05 15:07:15

The Gara has always been in the shadow when compared to the Special, but we believe it's a great frame. Gara is light and versatile for many different terrain and use.

It is fun to ride, stiff enough to give you a great performance but not so much that it might hurt your you.

It has carbon pista fork with no holes (you can also have a hole in it, just ask us) and stainless steel reinforced rear dropouts.

It is made of Dedacciai FIRE tubings, light and strong, the frame weights about 1400gr in size 53.

The external headset might seem cheap but we found it to be most adaptable and easy to install without faults.

We of course love the Special, it became our icon, but sometimes it can look a little bit too "loud",

the Gara instead is super clean, we dont even claim the name of the frame on the top tube like we usually do with most of our frames, so there's a brand signature on ..


2013-03-20 10:32:12

Sometimes you don't realize what you have done in your recent past cause it blurs so much with your present and and you are making plans for the future...

This is the new Dodici Tumblr page:

You'll see something we did in these years, hope you appreciate.

Keep on doing photos of your Dodici bikes, we can't wait to share them on our page.